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Professional drivers lead very demanding lifestyles, which often result in fragmented sleep and other related sleep disorders. Truck Drivers, more than any other occupational group in America, have a higher occurrence of OSA. We have the program and products to help.
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Sweet Dreams HST System
(Home Sleep Testing)

Home Sleep Testing is easy for anyone to set up. Patients are sent a sleep-wearable, wireless physiological recorder worn on the forehead that acquires and stores nocturnal data. Read More Read More

Sleep Therapy Equipment: DeVilbiss Intellipap CPAP System

Sleep Therapy Equipment
If CPAP or Auto CPAP is the choice of treatment for OSA we provide all equipment necessary. We carry a full line of CPAP therapy products such as machines, masks, tubing and filters. We work to find what a patients specific needs are and deliver. Our products can be shipped overnight and nationwide. Read More Read More

Compliance Program

Compliance Program
Working closely with drivers from the set up of their CPAP equipment to long term therapy, we have the tools and techniques to make their experience a successful one. It is everything needed to complete a successful sleep therapy program for your company. Read More Read More


Reusable Foam Filter

Disposable Filter

Sleep Therapy Equipment
Filters and Tubing

CPAP Machine filters are a small but critical part of your CPAP machine located at the air intake on the back of the machine. These pieces filter the air, preventing harmful particles from entering your system. The fineness of the filter determines the size of particle the filter will collect- the finer the filter, the smaller the particle it will catch.

Sleep Therapy Equipment: Somnetics Transcend II

Sleep Therapy Equipment
Somnetics Transcend II

The Transcend II Wearable CPAP Machine is one of the smallest machines available on the market. Weighing less than a pound, this machine can even be worn on top of the head when space is tight! Read More Read More

Mid-West Truckers Association Inc.

American Sleep Apnea Association

We ship via UPS and USPS

How Sleepy are You?
How likely are you to doze off or fall asleep in normal situations, as opposed to just feeling tired?

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We have designed the most advanced, cost effective sleep therapy program for the transportation industry. It includes TESTING in the comfort of one's living quarters along with the DIAGNOSIS by a Board Certified Physician. If confirmed to have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, the proper SLEEP THERAPY EQUIPMENTis sent out to the patient. We then FOLLOW-UP with calls to the patient at regular intervals to insure his/her CPAP Therapy is going well. Necessary COMPLIANCE REPORTS are generated and forwarded to your Safety Director.

The goal of our Sleep Therapy Program is to keep the Drivers and Owner-Operators certified and safe on the road at minimal costs.