Compliance Program

New regulations, updated guidelines, federal agencies and insurance companies alike are progressively more concerned about patients and their compliance with their sleep therapy. As a result, all of these groups are now asking for some type of compliance monitoring.

Sleep equipment now records the patients sleep data. Sleep manufacturers have incorporated uniquely designed monitoring systems that can download data. This may be in the form of a module attached to the CPAP machine, a memory card or as simple as taking a code off of the machine and putting it into proprietary software. This information is then generated into a report showing % of time used, pressure, an apnea/hypopnea index and other pertinent data.

We offer a compliance program that follows the driver from set up to hopefully many years into their therapy. No matter what equipment a person is using, we have the tools and techniques to work with the driver while on the road! We acquire the data and turn it into the report you need at the time you need it to get to your Safety & Health Director, Review Board or Claims Department. We make life simple! Contact us for more information.

Below is an explanation of the SmartCode System by DeVilbiss Healthcare.

SmartCode® Remote Adherence Monitoring System


SmartCode® Remote Adherence Monitoring System -- Now Inside Every IntelliPAP!

The DeVilbiss SmartCode is an effective and efficient way to remotely track adherence data. With a simple phone call to the patient, providers or clinicians can obtain key adherence monitoring data. Best of all, the data is objective as required by the new CPAP LCD. The SmartCode feature is included in every DeVilbiss IntelliPAP® system without additional cost or fees.

Product Highlights

Now with Adherence Score for Medicare Compliance
The Adherence Score is a percentage of the best consecutive thirty days of usage that meet the CPAP LCD (Local Coverage Determination) requirements. It shows the best adherence percentage achieved for any rolling period of 30 consecutive days of use within a 90-day time frame. The adjustable adherence threshold can be set to 4 or 5 hours with a default setting of 4 hours.

Reports Generated with IntelliPAP Standard
The intelliPAP Standard CPAP generates two SmartCodes. The first code contains 1-, 7-, 30- and 90-day usage plus Adherence Score. This includes % of days at least four hours use, day count, days of at least four hours of use, and average while breathing hours per day. The second code generated is SmartCode Usage, which provides cumulative data since the start of therapy for the same type of data.

Reports Generated with IntelliPAP AutoAdjust
The intelliPAP AutoAdjust generates five SmartCodes. The codes provide summary data for 1-, 7-, 30- or 90-day usage plus Adherence Score. The data includes % of days of at least four hours of use, day count, days with at least four hours of use, and average while breathing hours per day. The fifth code is SmartCode Usage. Also provided are 90th and 95th percentile pressure, apnea/hypopnea index, pressure plateau time, high leak flow time, exhale puff and non-responding event index.

  • A simple phone call to or from the driver to retrieve the SmartCode will satisfy the new CPAP LCD requirements
  • No additional fees or equipment -- SmartCode is built into each and every intelliPAP
  • Monitoring CPAP adherence via SmartCode is simple to integrate into your existing CPAP patient follow-up protocol
  • 1-day and 7-day codes allow you to contact the patient early in therapy to assess adherence and intervene if necessary.
  • HIPAA-compliant, easy-to-use web-based report generator
  • Reports display data graphically and statistically

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